Above and Beyond Associates was created out a sense of desire and passion to help people and companies strive to go to another level in their lives and/or businesses. Knowing that change happens, and having the tools to deal with those changes can make a difference. We strive to help you soar over those roadblocks or look above and beyond those obstacles that invade our lives.

Good skills and knowledge bring a lot to the office place.  If you cannot see where you want to go and you feel like you are on a dead end street without lights, we can help. Above & Beyond Associates strive to help you see that beaming light that leads to success for you as well as for your company.

As our client, it is all about what your needs are and how we can partner with you to reach those goals and get you back on a passionate life journey.  We do not tell you where to go, but we help you discover that path that leads to satisfaction and a sense of self worth For You!

Remember life can be fun if we are aware of roadblocks and have a mission to move forward ~ over, round, or through those impossible times and/or situations.


Vicki Toepfer 

Vicki Toepfer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. She also holds a double Associates Science Degree in Accounting and Business Administration.

Vicki worked for over 16 years in various areas of corporations as well as having another part time business.  Having worked as a manager in accounting, sales, customer service, human resource, and IT. Also supported areas of quality control, purchasing, inventory control.  I gained a lot of respect for each and every area.  So many times departments think that the other areas are not as important to the company.  In those companies many of the areas lived within their own silo and failed to communicate with others.  This only leads to confusion, lack of respect, and of course communication issues that result in bad feelings between areas and people.

Stan Toepfer

Stan Toepfer has a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Economics, teaching certificate, Masters in Agronomy.  Stan has taught in the public school system for 34 years teaching agriculture and leadership through FFA to students.  He has been a driving force in improving student’s lives by challenging them to do the impossible and strive and set goals to do something that is not within the realm of what they thought they could accomplish.  Stan was very forward thinking in his classroom instruction and always wanted to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and new job areas to gain the interest of students. He was very active in the State Agriculture Teachers organization and was president as well.  He was advisor to the Highland Community College Servant Leadership program for 15 years, getting kids involved in how to give back to their local communities by leading through serving.

Stan brings a different approach to the business world that is unique.  He has worked with the young employees entering the job market. He knows how they think and will perform best in what situations and what drives them to be successful for businesses. His background might be different but his approach is the same, helping businesses to be successful and helping them push through tough times and emerge out on top.