Visions & Values


Above and Beyond Associates will excel as a recognized intellectually vibrant company that strives to help individuals, companies, and students find direction and purpose through our value based processes.


We believe that tremendous gains will be achieved as people tap into their God-Given talents. We strive daily as a company to help people feel more confident and give them a desire to improve in every area of their lives. Helping them find direction and purpose on their journey day by day.

We recognize that sound judgment and integrity is part of the prerequisites to developing a joint-venture mentality with anyone with whom we choose to build a relationship. Therefore, we will not mislead others through distortion of the truth as we believe it to be. That means we are prepared to refuse to participate in the development of a business relationship if we believe that our commitment to their success is greater than their commitment to their own success.  Also if we don't think we can achieve their objectives for their company.  For that would be inconsistent with a Win-Win relationship we strive to establish within our business ventures.




Our commitment to our Clients:
To meet their expectations, whether providing services, information, or processes that deliver improved business results.  A company that is able to help them when they are struggling and challenge them and grow them making those companies more profitable and successful.

Our commitment to Ourselves:
Is to maintain an environment of cooperation, coordination, synergy, and development, which leads to increasing personal, professional, and financial growth. Our role is to continue to develop ourselves so that we can behave in ways that empower others to  fully develop themselves. Showing value in everyone that we meet and striving to help those individuals find sense of purpose and value through them improving and being successful.

Our commitment to our Suppliers:
Is to maintain a relationship of mutual respect and profitability through the continuing expansion of capabilities and resources in order to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.  Also being open to change for improvement.

Our commitment to the Communities:
In which we operate is to be responsible citizens who contribute our time, financial, or leadership capabilities to organizations in which we have interest so that others would see and desire to live there.