Why We Are Different

The Focus is on “YOU”

Our focus is getting people to do more of what they are already been trained to do.  Developing the right combination of application and desire helps to enhance commitment and create positive focus.  We help people discover and develop their potential.

Our professional facilitators will meet with you to assess your organization’s needs, analyze the issues to be addressed, and identify your goals.  We will create a customized program to meet your employee performance needs of leadership, management, supervisors, sales, customer service, and time management with using your organization’s goals.  We will prepare a time and cost estimate for our services for your review.

You are under no obligation to accept our program proposal or recommendations.If YOU decide we are not the right resource to meet your needs, we will shake hands and part as friends.

But if you recognize the potential within your organization and want to develop that potential and if you want your people to realize both personal and professional success ~ contact us today!

Our programs are customized and implemented in your workplace so the information is not only understood, but also applied in everyday situations in your organization.  Our focus on application and measurable bottom-line results separate our process from standard programs and one-day seminars.

We will facilitate live, interactive development sessions for you and your associates using the latest educational aids and communication technology for adult learning.

Your will experience the difference between TRAINING your employees and DEVELOPING your employees.

We work with your organization over time to identify individual issues and needs and allow our participants to apply what they learn directly into the workplace as we proceed.  Programs usually run in weekly two-hour sessions for eight weeks with a follow-up session eight weeks after completion but will always be customized to meet your specific needs.
During our programs, participants engage in reading, listening, and introspective exercises on a regular basis.  People learn best through spaced repetition.  We use spaced repetition to integrate our programs with your employees’ daily lives.

You and your associates will examine your attitudes, discard limiting beliefs and habits that are not working anymore, develop new attitudes and habits to further your success, learn how to incorporate and integrate them into your personal and professional life, acquire new behaviors, set goals, and develop customized action plans to achieve your goals.

We facilitate the sessions, but you and your employees do the real work applying what you learn to your own individual personal and professional life.  All of you are largely responsible for your own learning and development within our programs.  We are only the catalysts for the process.  We help you remove your own self-imposed barriers to achieve personal and professional success to achieve your full potential in all areas of your life.

Our clients are living testimony to the results!

Using cutting edge technology and the latest learning techniques, we focus on the four elements of unlimited success: Attitude Development, Human Relations, Skill Development, and Goal Setting.

Above & Beyond Associates will provide a written confidentiality agreement.  We GUARANTEE that any and all customer information disclosed as part of the assignment shall be maintained in a confidential manner at all times.  Such information will not be disclosed to any other person, firm, or organization without your express written permission.