Management over the last quarter century has taken on new and complex dimension, and this trend is likely to continue in the future.

Advancing technology has created new and exciting possibilities in every organization. Progress brings challenge and the challenge facing management today is to develop an organization that can meet tomorrow’s goals while continuing to meet today’s daily needs.

To balance these organizational demands, managers need development to help them take a systematic approach to their jobs. Management development is significantly different from management training. In training, knowledge is transferred from one person (in person or through some media form) to another. Management “development” occurs only when knowledge is internalized and a behavioral change is created that ultimately produces improved personal and organizational results.

Management development involves understanding the “Why” of a situation as well as the “What” and “How” of training. The result is managers who are working because they want to. They understand why and how they are essential to the achievement of their organization’s goals. These managers realize that goals can be achieved, obstacles can be overcome and problems can be solved. They also recognize the wisdom of the notion, “Knowledge is not power; applied knowledge is power.”

Above and Beyond Associates strive to help you develop these factors:
• Positive attitudes as the essential foundation of success.
• Human relations skills as the indispensable tools of success.
• Goal setting techniques as the irreplaceable key to success.