• You have a list of valued donors but finding enough money to grow and change is not working?       
  • You are struggling to keep the donors’ that you have in place and influence new donors to give?


  • You have a great working relationship with the board but feel they could help more?     
  • You don’t get along with the/(a) board members and are struggling to see how to fix that problem?


  • You and your staff are struggling because you do not have a Mission and true Vision to move forward?       
  • You and your staff have a mission but still are overwhelmed with the daily operations of the organization?


  • You have always had enough time to accomplish what you need to do but feel there should be more?     
  • You continue to try to keep up with what need to be done and are feeling overwhelmed?


  • Your organization is at the top but are worried that it will not stay there?           
  • Your organization continues to come in last in the list of number #1 on donors list to attend events?

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